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Terran Bayer | Westway Studio


Hi! I'm Terran Bayer, the owner of Westway Studio and I absolutely LOVE animals. I practically grew up in a barn, always around horses, dogs, and cats. I also come from a family full of artists. My inspiring grandmothers and aunts worked with watercolors, pen and ink, and oils, but when my aunt Joann, a photographer, gave me one of her old 35mm’s, I fell in love. I’ve been connecting with and photographing pets, landscapes, nature, and wildlife ever since. I’m also a passionate advocate for animals. I volunteer my time to a few rescues, and I’ve even done a little solo rescue work. Fine art pet portraiture is such a natural fit for me; it's where my life-long passions converge.

I have technical chops, too! I studied photography and graphic design in college, and I have a B.S. in Electronic Media, Arts & Communication. I use my aesthetic hand-in-hand with technology every day in my work as owner of Westway Studio. The art of photographic portraiture happens as much after the shot now as it does before: I don’t just have the artistic ability to capture the perfect shot, but I have the technical ability to process the image into a work of art that you can make the focal point of your collection.

A portrait is so much more than a mere image; it should show what’s inside, not just what’s on the surface. I specialize in capturing the heart and soul of our four-legged family members. Their time with us goes by so quickly and I take pride in being able to provide you with lasting memories that celebrate their individual personalities.

A special thank you to Rich Cavagnolo for the beautiful portrait of me above!