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Passport Pet Photography Workshop Weekend

Say that five times fast.

I attended the most amazing pet photography workshop on May 13 – 15 with instructors Jamie Pflughoeft and J. Nichole Smith. I learned so much about business (what I’m doing right and what I need to work on) and even some new shooting tips and tricks that I’m really looking forward to practicing!

I also met some wonderful pet photographers from all over the US and even a few from Canada. It was great to spend three whole days with people who share my passion for pets and photography.

On the third day of the workshop, we had some adorable models come out so we could try some new techniques. I photographed a lovable lab puppy, a Frenchie who was so cute I wanted to gobble him up, a teeny little min-pin in a pink hoodie, and a very happy mixed breed. The sky was this incredible blue and I really wanted to use it as a backdrop.

I really love how these came out, so I hope you enjoy them, too!

Lab Puppy Pet Portrait

Frenchie Pet Portrait

Min-Pin Pet Portrait

Mixed Breed Pet Portrait

And the winner is…

With an ASTOUNDING 969 “likes,” the winner of the free pet portrait photo session from Westway Studio is…

Corgi - pet photo from 2011 San Diego Humane Society's Walk for Animals

I need to thank everyone who participated for making this a great contest! It was an incredibly close race; I really wasn’t sure who was going to win until the final moment. We had people voting from all over the country, too! My favorite story about this is when I met a woman from Baltimore a few days ago, she recognized my website address and told me that just the evening before, she saw a link to the contest on Facebook being shared by her local Pit Bull rescue group. Ah, the power of social media.

Speaking of social media, be sure to “like” Westway Studio on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with any news and specials.

Thank you all so much for participating in the fun! And if you didn’t win but still want to sign your pet up for a session, just give me a call or shoot me an email.

2011 Walk for Animals Pet Photo Contest


• You can “like” as many photos as you want, but you can only vote on it once.

Technical note: To keep things fair, there’s only one vote per IP address. If, for example, you have home network set up where multiple computers access the internet through a router, you may only get one vote for the entire household. If this happens, please don’t worry! Others outside your network will still be able to vote!

• Voting closes Tuesday, May 17 at 12:00 noon.

• The dog with the most “likes” will win a FREE pet portrait photo sitting with me.

The session is valued at $190 and includes travel within 30 minutes of the Sorrento Valley area, 1.5-2 hours of my time and talent to photograph your pet, the processing of approximately 30 images, a casual ordering session at Westway Studio, and all edited photos posted online for 30 days for viewing and sharing after your ordering session. As with all regular sessions, prints and digital files are purchased separately.

Now, go start liking some photos! And if you like yours so much you need an 8×12 print of it or a digital copy for Facebook, shoot me an email or give me a call. Also, don’t forget… if you really want to win, be sure to share this page with every friend and family member you can think of!


San Diego Humane Society’s 2011 Walk for Animals

This past weekend was the San Diego Humane Society’s 2011 Walk for Animals and I think it was a big success! I have participated in the Walk for the past 5 or so years but this year I decided to become a sponsor, which included the opportunity to set up a booth to promote my work. Those who know me know I have a “go big or go home” mentality, so “go big” is what I did. Literally.

It started with my photo backdrop. It is 8 feet tall. There’s no tent that tall so I enlisted the help of Greg’s grandfather, a master carpenter. He built the most spectacular leg extenders for my tent so it had a head clearance of 8 feet, 2 inches.

Knowing that the tent would be taken care of, Greg and I got started on the backdrop — cutting it to size, planning the construction to withstand “gale force winds” (as I like to say), staining, painting, and then actually putting the whole thing together. Greg did most of the construction work, although I’d like to point out that when he wanted to drill through the booth (the horror!) I came up with the brilliant idea to… wait for it… GLUE some pieces together.

While Greg was busy building the backdrop, I focused on laying out my photos. I went through MANY design ideas before I stumbled across one that I was happy with. After choosing which favorite photos I would use, I sent them off to my favorite lab for printing. As an added bonus, I found all the frames on sale at a nearby shop.

I designed a special postcard for the event with some favorite shots. I am so happy with how it turned out!

The afternoon before the Walk, we were able to claim our spot and set up as much as we’d like. We got the tent and backdrop ready but waited ’till Saturday to put all the details together.

The day of the event was a busy one. Greg and I were up at 4am to get to Crown Point Shores by 5:30 to finish setting up the booth by 7:00, just as the first Walk participants started to arrive. We had a steady stream of people visiting the booth, which was great. It was a fun day of meeting new people and their pooches and taking pictures (which are going to be posted within the next two days so the contest for a free session can start!).

I need to give a HUGE shout-out to my spectacular sales crew because I could not have handled all that we did on my own. I think all who met them will agree, they were awesome! Greg, Grant, Jen, and Lisa answered questions, helped people learn about what I do, got them signed up on the mailing list and with the photo contest (coming soon!), and got sessions booked at my very special 50% off rate. (And those of you who know me know what a big deal that discount is — I have never ever ever discounted my rates that much!)

I also need to send a special “thank you” to Three Dog Bakery who generously provided goodies for our booth visitors.

It was truly a great day and I had so much fun meeting the Walkers, seeing friends who came to say hello (your support means the world to me!), and photographing so many of the cute pups who stopped by the booth. Keep your eyes peeled for the photo contest coming in just a few days… the winner will get a free pet portrait photo session!