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Pet Portrait Sneak Peek: Bandit, Autumn, & Benji

This past weekend, I photographed Bandit, Autumn, and Benji. These dogs were so full of personality and such fun to photograph. Bandit’s name is very appropriate because this guy stole my heart the moment I met him. He’s 12 years old but still full of energy. He always had a smile on his face! Autumn is also 12 years old and she seemed to take things pretty seriously until we started running around and playing. She is such a sweetheart and oh-so-pretty. And little Yorkie Benjamin — Benji for short — is the happiest little dog you’ll ever meet. I could practically hear him saying the entire session, “want me to run around? OK! Want me to sit here? OK! Want me to look cute? OK!”

On Bandit, Autumn, and Benji’s questionnaire, they told me that their parents would love “happy” and “personality” shots. I surely hope I delivered… What do you think?

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Bandit © Westway Studio

Autumn © Westway Studio

Benji © Westway Studio