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52 on Friday (Week 4): Jumps & Cuddles

This week’s 52 Project theme was Jumps & Cuddles. To be quite honest, Roxy isn’t much for either. She jumps only when necessary and cuddles only when forced — as you can clearly see in the photo below. Can you just hear her saying, “Please! Someone get this crazy lady off me!” I hug and snuggle and cuddle her all the time… I just didn’t quite know this is how pathetic she looks when I do. Eh, it’s not gonna stop me. :)

There is one thing that Roxy likes to cuddle with, though: her lemon squeaky toy from her Auntie Lisa. It was a Christmas gift this year and she has been carrying it around with her ever since. I often find her sleeping with it between her front legs. This photo was from a recent morning when she hopped up on the bed after Greg went to work. She went back to sleep while protecting her lemon but, of course, she woke up the moment I got my camera.

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Pet Portrait Sneak Peek: Lesa

I met Lesa (pronounced Lay-sa) and her mom on Small Business Saturday at Peticures by Tess and The Original Paw Pleasers in North Park. I knew from the moment I saw her that I just *had* to photograph her (I mean, come on, look at that face!)… I’m just glad her mom agreed!

Lesa’s mom chose to be included in some of the shots with Lesa. They have such an incredible bond that I really wanted to capture it. We were trying to get Lesa to pose “just so” but she was having none of it. We were laughing when Lesa’s mom bent over and started giving Lesa some love. I saw that moment… that perfect moment… when the camera is forgotten and all that’s left is love. These could very well be my favorite images of the shoot because I think they capture the relationship between mom and dog so perfectly.

I love the image below for the same reason: Lesa loves her mom dearly and I think this captures just that. I can hear her saying, “Mom, WHEN is that lady gonna stop with the camera? Can’t I just have her treats? Can we go home so I can take a nap?”

Oh, and nap she did! When we got back to their place, Lesa plopped right down on her red couch.

Lesa put up with me for a little while longer (I’m pretty sure it was only because of the treats) until she got too sleepy. I packed everything up but as I was leaving, Lesa hopped off her chair and followed me right out the door. Something tells me she enjoyed being a model for a morning. :)

Drop me a line in the comment section below… what do you think of Lesa’s photos?

52 on Friday (Week 3): From the Hip

This week’s 52 Project theme is “from the hip,” which refers to shooting without looking through the viewfinder. This method takes a lot of skill, luck, and rapid shooting but when it works out, it produces some seriously cute, quirky — and oftentimes funny — photos. Here are some of my favorite shots on which I have utilized the “shoot from the hip” method.

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52 on Friday (Week 2): Newness

This week’s 52 Project theme is “newness.” I had to think long and hard about this one and, although I felt like I should be going out to shoot something new, my mind kept being drawn back to a project I did a while ago: Doberman rescue puppies.

I’ve been a photographer for a very long time. I’ve been an animal lover even longer. It took me a while to figure out how the two went together but not long after I finally did, something happened that put me on a new path of more than just running my business: helping homeless pets find homes through my art.

A few years back, I attended the San Diego Pet Expo and met some people at the Aztec Doberman Rescue booth. I signed up on their mailing list, expecting updates on their adoptable dogs, events, and so forth. One day, though, I received an urgent message that had been sent out to their entire list: a mama and her puppies at a high-kill shelter up north needed help. NOW. Another rescue could take the puppies but they couldn’t take Mama… and her time was up. Aztec was looking for someone who could take ALL the dogs so everyone could stay together and Mama wouldn’t be euthanized. I knew that Greg would have just about died if he came home from work one day and I had brought nearly a dozen new dogs into the house, so I did the next best thing: I first forwarded the email to all of my animal-loving friends and posted it on Facebook, then I emailed Aztec and said that if they could find the foster family, I would take photos of Mama and her puppies when they were ready to find their forever homes. Aztec accepted my offer and I got to photograph these wonderful puppies. Thanks to the hard work of Aztec and their supporters, each and every pup — and Mama, too — found a new home.

This was the first time I had photographed rescue animals (a new experience, if you will) and it really opened my eyes to the difference I could make with my camera.

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Pet Portrait Sneak Peek: Nixon and Lola

Last weekend I had the great opportunity to photograph Nixon and Lola, two incredibly cute, incredibly scruffy, incredibly LOVED pooches. These two are quite the pair! They love to play, chase, and wrestle with each other and they really love their mom and dad (they wouldn’t take their eyes off either one). Nixon is very sophisticated until Lola gets him all riled up. These two were a real riot to photograph, especially when we went outside!