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52 on Friday (Week 17): The Colors of Spring

This week’s Project 52 theme is “the colors of spring.” As you might have noticed, I *love* color, so this was pretty perfect for me. Plus, I was excited to try out a new spot near my house that’s bursting with color right now. Thanks to it being springtime, the grass is extra green and the flowers are starting to bloom.

As a huge advocate for pet adoption, I volunteer as much time as I can to photographing animals who are looking for their forever homes. This week, I was asked to photograph two adorable 5-month old Doberman puppies (available for adoption through Aztec Doberman Rescue).

Meet Tango…

Tango © Westway Studio

Tango © Westway Studio

Tango © Westway Studio

and Cash…

Cash © Westway Studio

Cash © Westway Studio

Cash © Westway Studio

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52 on Friday (Week 16): From the Ground Up

I had the opportunity to choose this week’s Project 52 theme and I chose “from the ground up.” I oftentimes photograph animals from above or on their level so I thought it would be fun to experiment with getting down even lower and shooting up! Roxy was my very unwilling subject this week… she’s really sick of me shoving my camera in her face! She kept laying down on the ground with me, so it was a bit of a challenge to get a shot looking up at her. But, I stuck with it and eventually I was able to capture what I wanted: a beautiful profile shot looking up at Roxy with the sunlight coming through the trees behind her. I seriously love this girl.

Roxy © Westway Studio

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52 on Friday (Week 15): My Favorite Things

This week’s theme is “my favorite things” and the goal is to photograph one favorite thing of Roxy’s that I will forever associate with her. Well, there are many… but thanks to Easter being last weekend — and to the Easter Bunny bringing me a Godiva basket — I was able to photograph something that is so very, very “Roxy.” (Please pay no attention to the fact that half of it is mysteriously missing!)

San Diego pet photography

A chocolate bunny? Are you nuts? Chocolate is poisonous to dogs! These things, I know. But hear me out… Roxy *LOVES* to chase bunnies (and jackrabbits). Greg started referring to them one evening as “chocolate bunnies” because when Roxy goes out for her last potty break of the night, the bunnies are usually sitting on a hill, lit from behind by the lights from neighboring houses, and they look like — you guessed it — chocolate bunnies! So, there you have it… why “chocolate bunnies” are one of Roxy’s favorite things and why they will always make me think of her.

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Pet Portrait Sneak Peek: Phil & Norman

Meet Phil and Norman, two pugs packed with personality! I met these two at Peticures by Tess & The Original Paw Pleasers and I was so excited when their dad decided to sign them up for a session with me.

Our first session got rained out, but boy am I glad we waited because we ended up with an absolutely perfect day. We had the session at Balboa Park. I really love it there — the architecture, the colors, everything is just beautiful! Phil and Norman liked it, too, but I think it was mostly because there were so many good smells everywhere. :)

So, now I’d like to introduce you to Phil (the black pug) and Norman (the tan & black pug)…

San Diego Pet Photography by Westway Studio

Now if you’ll notice in the next photo, Phil is sitting patiently while Norman can’t keep his butt on the ground. I love that I captured that little bit of their personalities… Norman is go-go-go and Phil is a real laid back guy.

San Diego Pet Photography by Westway Studio

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