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52 on Friday (Week 4): Black & White

Well, hello there! It’s time to start the 52 Project over again for 2013. I know I’m getting started a few weeks late but better late than never, right?

This week’s theme is “black & white,” which happens to be one of my favorite ways to shoot. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to experiment with my flash & turning day into night. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon when I shot this outdoors. I underexposed my background by about 3 stops then added in my flash at just under full power. It’s fun to manipulate the light to get just the image I want!

San Diego Pet Photographer

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52 on Friday (Week 52): Celebrate

This is the last week of the 2012 “52 Project” and the theme is “celebrate.” I had a very special Christmas this year and I’d like to share with you how I celebrated. Last Christmas, I missed my family in New York so much that I vowed I would be home for Christmas the next year… and I made that happen. We spent the big day with our friends who have become family over the years. They have three kids, who I think of as my nieces and nephew.

I heard Santa late Christmas Eve and snuck down after he left to take photos before the kids woke up…
Copyright © 2012 Westway Studio

Santa enjoyed the cookies we left and he even wrote us a note! He also took all the carrots we left out for the reindeer…
Copyright © 2012 Westway Studio

Santa was very kind to our family this year… the kids were able to swim through the leftover wrapping paper!
Copyright © 2012 Westway Studio

Jack and Greg got matching Top Gear t-shirts that say “I AM THE STIG” — how cool!
Copyright © 2012 Westway Studio

We even had some fun running around in the snow with Zoey!
Copyright © 2012 Westway Studio

Copyright © 2012 Westway Studio

And finally, Greg and I enjoyed spending some time out in the snow together!
Copyright © 2012 Westway Studio

I hope you and your family had as happy of a holiday season as I did with my family… and I would like to extend my best wishes to you for a very happy new year!

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52 on Friday (Week 51): Tails from the Other Side

This week’s Project 52 theme is “tails from the other side.” The challenge was to capture a great shot of a pet’s back, bum, or tail. Here is my favorite little Quila doing back flips! Is she not the cutest thing?!

San Diego Pet Photographer

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Happy holidays!

52 on Friday (Week 50): New Technique

This week’s 52 Project theme is “new technique.” We could either try out a new technique or practice with one we are trying to improve upon. I chose to focus on creating a more traditional family portrait with pets and their people.

Most of the pet portraits I do are of just the pets, so it’s always fun when their people want to get involved in the action, too!

Meet Pam, Bryan, and their three dogs Tigger, Pelona, and JD. Tigger and JD are Dobermans, and Pelona is a Xoloitzquintl, which is a very special hairless breed from Mexico. I know Pam and Bryan through their great work with Aztec Doberman Rescue. They wanted a family portrait for their year-end card, so we headed out to Balboa Park near downtown San Diego to create it. They haven’t seen any of their photos yet, so this is a bit of a sneak peek for them!

San Diego pet photographer

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52 on Friday (Week 47): Non-Work

This week’s 52 Project theme is “Non-Work.” We were asked, “what do you do when you’re not behind a camera or computer screen?”

Well, this past weekend the hubby and I cut our winter firewood. I have to tell you, I love cutting firewood. I think it has to do with the fact that the more I have, the warmer I know I’ll be in the winter. Yes, I know I live in San Diego. I still get cold.

San Diego Pet Photographer • Image © 2012 Westway Studio

I also like to play with the pups! Roxy and Sage look so cute with their ears and bodies in the same positions!
San Diego Pet Photographer • Image © 2012 Westway Studio

I laugh when Roxy photo-bombs my pictures.
San Diego Pet Photographer • Image © 2012 Westway Studio

Rub your belly? Ok. Happy to oblige.
San Diego Pet Photographer • Image © 2012 Westway Studio

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