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52 on Friday (Week 46): Contentment

This week’s theme, “contentment,” was chosen based on a poem:
      Contentment of the soul
      Born within the kindest of hearts
      That just live to give

Those beautiful words instantly made me think of all the shelter pets out there who are so sweet and want nothing more than to give love and be content in a forever home.

I had the great pleasure of photographing six shelter dogs this week, all available through Aztec Doberman Rescue. Even though every one of them had a reason to distance themselves from people, they continued to show love to anyone who wanted it (I did! I did!). Snuggles, kisses, and invitations to play, these six dogs all shared their hearts with me today. I hope each and every one of them find the wonderful, loving families they so deeply deserve.

I’d like to introduce you to each of these dogs… and I’d like to ask you to please consider adoption the next time you’re ready to bring a new furry family member into your home!

First up is sweet boy Crixus. He is 13 months old and was surrendered by his owner. He is super playful and energetic. Crixus even knows some basic commands!

Crixus © 2012 Westway Studio

Next up is Thalia. She was a stray who Aztec pulled from the San Diego Humane Society Central Shelter. It’s pretty clear that she was used for backyard breeding but she is a huge love — I got kisses right away! Thalia is about 5 years old. She’s a real easygoing, loving pup.

Thalia © 2012 Westway Studio

Meet Jasper! He is 4 years old and, like Crixus, was surrendered by his owner. He gets along great with other dogs and kids and is very, very sweet. Jasper knows basic commands and is housebroken. He loves camping and swimming!

Jasper © 2012 Westway Studio

Here’s sweet girl Lexi. She’s 1.5 years old and was also surrendered by her owner. Lexi is a little shy at first but once she warms up to you, it’s clear that she’s a very sweet pup. Lexi would make a great “only dog.”

Lexi © 2012 Westway Studio

Next up is Misha. She was a stray and is estimated to be 2-3 years old. This girl is part kangaroo! I’m pretty sure she has springs in her legs. Misha is a big love and a bit of a goofball. She also gets along with other dogs.

Misha © 2012 Westway Studio

And finally, meet Maxwell! You might notice that he looks a little different than all the other dogs in this post. That’s because he’s an American Bulldog! Maxwell is about 1-1.5 years old but once you meet him, you’ll agree that he is an old soul. He’s as gentle as can be and a total love. Maxwell gets along with other dogs and is a very good boy. He was a stray who wandered right into the backyard of Aztec’s President. Maxwell needed help and he knew right where to go!

Maxwell © 2012 Westway Studio

And here’s one more shot of Maxwell with Aztec’s President, Maxwell’s rescuer…

Maxwell © 2012 Westway Studio

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52 on Friday (Week 45): Bedtime

This week’s 52 Project theme is “Bedtime,” so I thought I’d show you some of Roxy’s favorite bedtime spots.

First, she loves to get cozy on the foot of our bed, then she moves to a spot under my side of the bed (yes, she actually gets under the bed with just her legs sticking out), and finally, at some point during the night, she moves over to her comfy memory foam bed.

Roxy's Bedtime © Westway Studio

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52 on Friday (Week 43): Motivation

Holy cow – it’s been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. I’ve had some huge jobs including a trip to Dallas to photograph a special event and then photographing my biggest event of the year here in San Diego just two days later. I guess time just got away from me. But hopefully I’m back now for a while!

This week’s 52 Project theme is “motivation.” Meet Sage, my model for the week. Sage is an 8-week old Queensland Heeler. She was motivated by two things: first, exploring… second, getting to bite my heels. I’m not kidding! Anytime we’d put her down, she’d head right for my feet… and if I was on the ground — as I was for the action shots — she’d run over to me, pounce on my back, and bite my ponytail. One time she even ran right between my face and my camera, plopped down, rolled over, and began biting my camera strap (I didn’t mind, though, because her little puppy belly was positioned perfectly for kissing!).

So without further ado, here is Sage!

Sage © Westway Studio

Sage © Westway Studio

Sage © Westway Studio

I told you she liked to bite my heels…

Sage © Westway Studio

“Must! Attack! Photographer!!!!” (And OMG, look at those ears!!!)

Sage © Westway Studio

“Phew! That was a big day! Now I must nap.”

Sage © Westway Studio

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52 on Friday (Week 37): Pets and People

This week’s 52 Project theme is “pets and people.” Quila was still around earlier this week and I decided to feature her once more. She is such a little love-bug and always wants to be with her people. Here she and I are relaxing…

Quila in my lap © Westway Studio

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52 on Friday (Week 36): Accessorized

I was so excited when I read this week’s 52 Project theme, “accessorized,” because I was going to have my favorite little muse, Quila, to model for me. Her mom, dad, and sisters, Alta and Tiki, are camping, which means Quila gets to have some quality time being spoiled by my mom and me (my mom drops her off to me in the morning so I can spend time with her all day, then picks her up on her way home in the evening).

I immediately knew I wanted Quila to wear pearls — every spoiled little pup needs pearls, right? I had a picture in my head with an all-black backdrop with the light coming in from the side and her facing it. But, I wasn’t really in the mood to set up my whole studio… so… I used my closet. Luckily, it’s just the right shape and has the doors at just the right spot so I could let in just a beam of light on Quila (sitting on a kitchen bar stool) and everything in the background would fall to black. I sat on the floor below — with Roxy under my legs (she had to be part of the action, too… there were treats involved!) — and let Quila do her thing. This girl is a pro — or she can read my mind — because she kept lookin’ at that light and posing just how I envisioned. What do you think?

San Diego pet photography

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